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‘Guitar Then & Now’ Workshops
‘The ‘Guitar Then & Now’ Workshops add a wonderful
dimension to the Buddy Holly Festival!’
Brooke Witcher, Education Coordinator, Buddy Holly Center

Susan Grisanti’s ‘Guitar Then & Now’ Workshops
with players of  All Styles & All Levels of guitar
are frequently featured at the Buddy Holly Museum
in Lubbock, Texas. This is a fun & relaxing workshop
where all players learn from each other & the
workshop also includes special guest performers.
Workshop includes styles & techniques from
classical to modern rock & theory.
To book a ‘Guitar Then & Now’ Workshop
at your venue or school CALL 806 747 6108
‘I heartily recommend Susan’s Guitar Workshops…her
lessons made a remarkable difference for me’ Jesse Gomez Jr., M.D.

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‘Guitar Then & Now’ Workshop Photos
Susan Grisanti & Clayton Burrows~

Clayton was offered a Warner Bros Major Label Contract!


‘On behalf of the Buddy Holly Center, I would like to extend my

sincere thanks for your participation at ‘Buddy’s 69th Birthday

Celebration’. The ‘Guitar Then & Now Workshop’ you conducted

was a huge accomplishment. I personally want to thank you for the

time and hard work you put into planning the workshop, organizing

the players, and of course the performance. The workshop added a

wonderful dimension to the days events. All the players are so

talented and enhanced the workshop with their individual stories 

 and original music. It was a great success and I do hope you will

pass my thanks on to each and every one of the players at the

workshop. Your involvement in Saturday’s event was essential in

helping us pay the proper tribute to Lubbock’s true Legend. Also,

thank you for donating the contributions from the workshop to the 

American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts. The staff is

greatly appreciative for all you do to support the Buddy Holly

Center and our special events. Please keep in touch and let me know

where you will be playing. I would love to support you and the 


Brooke Witcher, Education Coordinator, Buddy Holly Center

‘Susan Grisanti recently provided seminar training for guitar 

students in Region 17. Our students were quick to recognize the 

clear head to heart connection of Susan’s guitar expertise and her 

love of playing. Her passion and love for the guitar and music ring

loud and clear in her presentations. Susan enjoys interacting with the

students and even takes song requests from them. I hope your 

students enjoy her as much as ours did!’

         Debbie Stennett, Education Director, LISD Region 17



“That was freakin’ awesome!”

    Fausto, Guitar Center Sales Rep, after his first lesson


“…in addition to receiving his new Fender Strat guitar, Daniel Stow

received another gift from Make-A-Wish

Foundation- one semester’s worth of lessons with guitar virtuoso and

teacher Susan Grisanti. Ms. Grisanti and

the Stow Family were chauffeured by limousine to Jent’s House of

Music last Saturday for Daniel to be

presented with the instrument. On Monday, Daniel had his first

lesson with Susan. ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation

is wonderful. It not only benefits the recipients in a grand fashion, 

the granted wishes also help everyone

around the recipients by spreading light and love among family and

friends’ Susan Grisanti said about the 

magnificent gift for Daniel.”

   Hubstuff Magazine for Make-A-Wish 
“Thankyou is never enough to say to someone who does things to 

help our kids. Again, thankyou very much for all you do for 


     Sharon Bertrand, Make-A-Wish Coordinator
‘I took lessons with Susan several years ago. She
improved my technique and gave me additional
classical tunes to conquer.

She is verily adept and accommodates each of her
students no matter what level their playing skills.

I heartily recommend her guitar classes and can
guarantee she will improve your guitar playing as she
did mine. I played professionally before and after I
took lessons

with her. Nonetheless, her lessons made a remarkable
difference for me.’  Jesse Gomez Jr., M.D

“I was your student about 5 years ago when I was living in Lubbock going to Tech. I really miss our lessons back then. I learned so much from you! The chord melody style you introduced me to in jazz is now what I primarily perform. You taught me a real sense of adventure on the guitar. To never be afraid to take chances musically. I think that’s the biggest lesson I try to pass unto my students now. I listen to your CD and still remember those lessons. You really make the guitar sing like an orchestra. Thankyou for everything!”
John Redden, guitarist
“I’ve traveled and played music all over the world, and
I’ve never met a better guitar player or teacher
Tinker Carlin, the ‘Original Crickett’, after performing
Workshop hosted by Susan Grisanti at the Buddy
Holly Museum during the 2007
Buddy Holly Festival