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 ‘Welcome to ChordSpeller’

ChordSpeller will show you how to find ANY chord or scale on the guitar without a chord dictionary. ChordSpeller is a unique & easy universal music theory program that shows the intellectual process professional musicians use in writing & playing chords & scales on the guitar & all instruments but is simple enough for even non-musicians to understand!


 Songwriters love ChordSpeller as an aid to creativity & thousands of guitarists have simplified their learning of music theory by using ChordSpeller since it’s creation in 1994!

‘…Top-Notch Music Theory in an Easy Dose…a Foolproof Method!’

-Hubstuff Magazine read the complete article at: http://www.hubstuff.com
Vol 1 no.36 page 2 August 29th 2003

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why was Chordspeller Created?

ChordSpeller was created in 1994. After 10 years of teaching guitar full-time, I had become frustrated with blank stares from countless students when I tried to explain why a certain chord or scale existed and why it was played a certain way on the guitar. If you have ever tried to study music theory on the guitar for the first time, I’m sure you can relate to that. Then in 1994 I was given an idea, based on what I had heard in music school, that music & mathematics were closely related. So I constructed the chromatic scale similar to a multiplication table in mathematics, and that’s how Chart 1 came to be. At that point I realized the chart was universal for transposing to different keys, as well as graphing chords & scales!

Why do the ‘Chord Finder Formulas’ & ‘Scale Finder Formulas’ Work?

They work because they simplify the theory process to the point where you do NOT have to read music, you simply have to know how to count & know your alphabet A, B, C’s. Over the years I have tried out ChordSpeller with many non-musicians, & they are easily able to find chord & scale using this method. You do NOT have to know anything about music or play a musical instrument to understand chords & scales using ChordSpeller. And you do NOT have to read music!

Is ChordSpeller a Substitute for Traditional Music Theory Methods?

The answer to that question is both yes & no. ChordSpeller is actually where traditional music theory methods should Begin. Most theory books begin by using terminology & concepts that assume the learner is already at a certain place conceptually. A good analogy is the technical manuals that come with electronic gadgets. The only person who understands the manual is the person that wrote the manual! ChordSpeller is not necessarily a replacement for other theory methods, but a better starting place for the novice and/or non-musician who is trying to learn music for the first time. Modern theory books would benefit to all begin with ChordSpeller, in my opinion!

Is ChordSpeller good for transposing Chord Progresssions & Scales to other Keys?

Yes, because once you graph the chords in one key on Chart 1, you can transpose to any other key simply by finding the new key in the left column and bringing all the other chords down or up to that same line vertically. Everything on Chart 1 becomes symmetrical, which makes it much easier for beginners to transpose keys, chords & scales!

The ChordSpeller Challenge?

Now here’s an interesting challenge for the daring: what if ChordSpeller was computer graphed 3-dimensionally, so Chart 1 notes vertexed on different planes in a 3-dimensional square? Would the chords & scales produce geometric patterns? There’s the ChordSpeller Challenge. Hopefully we’ll have the answer to that question shortly!

‘…An Amazing Resource for the Guitarist!’ PerfectPitch.com

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